Scientific coordination

Emanuela Casti, Director of Centro Studi sul Territorio, Univeristy of Bergamo
Federica Burini, University of Bergamo


Jacques Lévy, EPFL-Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Alamgir Hossain, Chris Wilbert, Anglia Ruskin University di Cambridge

Research objective

The objective of the research is to analyze, through a critical approach, the mobility of the inhabitants in urban contexts, starting from the identification of different data sources (statistical and others), with particular attention to Big Data produced by the inhabitants during their movement. This means exploiting the potential of the so-called VGI (Volunteered Geographic Information), ie the voluntary content generated by the user through social media or collaborative web platforms, in order to produce unprecedented analyzes of the inhabitants' mobility and the perception of space during their movement, and compare the results with data coming from other sources (OpenData, statistical data, etc.). Taking advantage of the potential offered by Big Data and applying intelligent modeling tools combined with a reflexive and corographic approach to mapping, the project aims to analyze mobility in the urban areas of Bergamo in the Milan conurbation, in Lausanne in the Swiss context, and of Cambridge in the London conurbation, exploiting data and information produced by inhabitants and city users.